Thursday, June 19, 2008

IMIA Yearbook 2008 selects 3 JMIR papers as "best papers"

The IMIA Yearbook 2008 has just been published [Accessed: 2008-06-19. (Archived by WebCite® at].
While I have some issues with some of the editorial policies of the yearbook and its lax or non-existing peer-review policies for its original content (which recently lead to an embarrassing plagiarism case - the Yearbook 2008 actually contains the retraction notice, which perhaps downplays the true extent of this incident), the main and more interesting part of the Yearbook is a list of "best papers in health informatics" previously published (and peer-reviewed!) in other journals, and this is based on a secondary peer-review by a committee of experts (I was one of them).

I am pleased and somewhat proud that the Yearbook 2008 has selected a number of papers which were previously published in my journal (J Med Internet Res (JMIR) - which according to SCI/ISI Journal Impact Factor Reports now also ranks as the #2 medical informatics journal).

These best papers are
- Web-Based Asynchronous Teleconsulting for Consumers in Colombia: A Case Study. J Med Internet Res 2007;9(4):e33
José Ignacio Valenzuela1, MD, MSc; Arturo Arguello1, MD; Juan Gabriel Cendales1, MD; Carlos A Rizo2, MD, PhD (ABD)

- Using Internet and Mobile Phone Technology to Deliver an Automated Physical Activity Program: Randomized Controlled Trial. J Med Internet Res 2007;9(2):e7
Robert Hurling1, PhD; Michael Catt1, BSc; Marco De Boni1, PhD; Bruce William Fairley2, PhD; Tina Hurst1, PhD; Peter Murray1, CStat, MPhil; Alannah Richardson1, PhD; Jaspreet Singh Sodhi2, PhD

- eHEALS : The eHealth Literacy Scale. J Med Internet Res 2006;8(4):e27
Cameron D Norman1, PhD; Harvey A Skinner2, PhD, Cpsych

(Note that there is again a quality issue with the Yearbook in that the correct citation information is missing from the first two papers, and the title of the third paper is somewhat garbled, saying HEALS instead of eHEALS! Also, links to the PDFs from the yearbook homepage at Schattauer are messed up and copyright statements are missing from the existing PDFs. I contacted Schattauer/ the editor to get these issues fixed)

Two of these three papers were published by faculty or students associated with the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation (Carlos Rizo and Cameron Norman). I am also happy to see that another paper - not published in JMIR - has been selected, which was also co-authored by members of the Centre:

- Mobile Phone-Based Remote Patient Monitoring System for Management of Hypertension in Diabetic Patients. Am J Hypertens 2007; 20(9):942-8.
Logan AG, McIssac WJ, Tisler A, Irvine MJ, Saunders A, Dunai A, Rizo CA, Feig DS, Hamill M, Trudel M, Cafazzo JA.

Congrats to all these authors!

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